The 4 Scariest Creatures Players Will Face In Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Well Harry Potter fans wait anxiously for more details on the new game, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. Although there is little official news regarding the content of the game, we do know players are going to be required to learn and cast spells to battle creatures within the Harry Potter universe. 

We have decided to put together a list of the top 5 scariest creatures that we think players will face in the game set for release next year. 


4. Acromantula 

The Acromantula is a giant spider capable of growing up to 15 feet long, covered in thin black hair.

The fangs of this creature are filled with gallons of venom, meaning any contact with prey can be fatal. 

The reason why I have on my list is that so many people already have an immense fear of spiders, so you can imagine the fright players are going to get when they encounter an Acromantula on Wizards Unite, especially on a dark night. 


3. Dementor

The Dementor is one of the darkest creatures in the Harry Potter Universe. Living in darkness, decay and despair this creature will drain a victims hope and happiness leaving the victim in complete darkness. The Dementor will drain the life from the victim until the victim is reduced to the soul’s state of the creature itself.

Although the Patronus charm will deter the creature, these creatures are an extremely dark and will be capable of causing serious damage to players if included in Wizards Unite. I will be trying to stay well away from dark places in the game as that is likely where the Dementor will lay. 


2. Basilisk

The Basilisk is one of the most feared creatures in the Harry Potter universe. The creature also referred to as the’ King of Serpents’ is a giant snake that can live for hundreds of years. The Basilisk has huge venomous fangs capable of killing its prey, but scariest of all the serpent can instantly kill victims by just gazing into their eyes with its murderous stare. 

The Basilisk flees only from the crowing of a Rooster which will kill the beast. 

This creature is so scary due to its multiple ways of killing its victims. If the Basilisk is included in Wizards Unite then it is going to be a very difficult creature to battle. 


1. Lethifold

The Lethifold, otherwise known as the living shroud is a terrifying creature. It appears as a black cloak that glides through the darkness. What makes the Lethifold so terrifying is the silent way it kills its victims; while the victim is asleep, the Lethifold floats into their bedroom suffocates them and digests them in their bed, leaving no traces behind. 

The Patronus Charm is the only way that a Lethifold can be stopped, however, due to the creatures silent nature, it is hard for victims to sense it coming. 

This creature is going to be seriously scary and dangerous if included in Wizards Unite. I would not like to be out playing the game at night when a Lethifold is around.