5 Wizards Unite YouTube Channels you need to subscribe to

With the Harry Potter Wizards Unite release around the corner, lets take a look at some Wizards Unite YouTube channels that you all need to subscribe to!


1). Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Lets start with the offical Harry Potter Wizards Unite channel. This is the only place where you can guarantee to find reliable information. This channel will break news, updates and releases before anyone else, so it is a no brainer to hit that red subscribe button.


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2). Go Shiny Hunter

Go Shiny Hunter covers mobile games in general but clearly is a big Harry Potter fan and provides some fantastic content around Wizards Unite. The guy knows his stuff and is entertaining! Definitely a channel worth subscribing to.


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3). Uniting Wizards

Uniting Wizards is a channel dedicated solely to Wizards Unite. This guy breaks down everything news, release and game related in a good amount of detail. Although a smaller channel, the guy clearly knows his stuff, is passionate about Harry Potter and puts out regular content!


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4). The Final Wizard

The Final Wizard is another channel solely dedicated to Wizards Unite. The Final Wizard puts out some great videos, he is entering, funny and is clearly excited about the game! Go hit that subscribe button.


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5). Gitta Lovegood

Definitely a good one for the girls! Gitta breaks down everything Harry Potter Wizards Unite based. Although this channel is still small Gitta puts out some great videos and provides helpful insight into the game.


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