Harry Potter Wizards Unite Release Date

It is offical Harry Potter Wizards Unite will be released in 2019, yay.. kind of. Having been hopeful for a late 2018 release date the postponement news from Niantic left many fans initially disappointed after having been eagerly awaiting the games release for so long but hey, we are closer than ever now, this year guys!

Well the release date postponement is annoying, it does show that Niantic care about the game and want to release the best version they can with as few technical issues as possible! Pokemon Go had a lot of trouble on initial release so I am sure Niantic are applying lessons from that. I am personally happy waiting knowing that the game will be amazing and technically sound. I believe release will be within the first half of the year, Niantic know that the postponement has frustrated fans and I am sure they are doing all they can to get it finished as soon as they can.

Niantic are keeping a tight lid on specific details about the game, however, we do know that it will be Augmented reality game like the very popular Pokemon Go. Pottermore have confirmed that Wizards Unite will feature a combination of elements from Harry Potter and from the Fantastic Beast franchises. As we get closer to release I am hoping Niantic start to tease us a little and reveal more details on the game, there is a lot of anticipation around the game and a little bit more media marketing would really blow things up and get the Wizards Unite hype train going!