Three Things We Want in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

As we all know now, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite is set for release sometime next year. Both myself and many other Harry Potter fans are anxious to see how Niantic Labs and Warner Bros design and develop the game. Well it is very exciting, there are also many nervous fans out there, Harry Potter is one of the biggest novel and film brands in the World, so there will be a lot of pressure on the developers to maintain the franchises excellent reputation.

Well details are still scarce, what we do know is that players will learn spells, cast spells and battle creatures. Here are a few other things that we hope the developers include in the game.


Hogwarts Houses

One thing I love about the Harry Potter series is the Hogwarts House system, the grouping of students into teams creates, inter-house collaboration, house pride and of course house rivalry. It will be interesting to see if the game focuses on this team aspect or is only played from an individual point of view.

It would be great if each player was assigned a House and could collaborate with other players from the same house to compete for points for the house as a whole (points going towards the House Cup). If the developers were to go down this road I would be very interested as to how the game would assign players to a house, as we know members are assigned based upon values. Perhaps players would have to answer a brief personality type questionnaire when signing-up to the game, with the results determining which house is best aligned with the player values.

I think it would be very difficult to design this house aspect of the game effectively, however, if anyone can make it work it is Niantic Labs and Warner Bros. Let’s hope they do not overlook this important part of Hogwarts, as I have always wanted to become a member of team Slytherin.


A Strong Storyline

One potential shortfall of Niantic Labs previous game, Pokémon Go, was the lack of story line and ability to maintain users long term. I guarantee you that they will have learnt a lot from Pokémon Go and will ensure no mistake is made twice when it comes to Wizards Unite.

The success of the Harry Potter series can be put down to the genius storyline which author J.K Rowling created. The Harry Potter storyline was so strong that it spanned seven books and eight movies. I hope that the developers manage to capture the storyline in a way that ensures users have a reason to keep coming back longterm. How they best do this, I am not sure, however again, they are experts in the gaming field and I am sure will design something genius.



Again, I not sure how they would best implement it logically, but Quidditch is an aspect of Harry Potter that a lot of fans will be hoping is featured in the game. Well sources are predicting quidditch may be left out of Wizards Unite, fans like me will not lose hope until we get offical news.